Universi is a modern, dynamic and innovative company founded through the idea for partnership between Macedonian and the German partners. The joint venture started in 2005, and the combination of experience, ambition and capability soon proved to be a key for success. High quality management enabled the company to grow significantly over the years, and it was ranked among the 200 most successful companies in Macedonia.

The head office is situated in Skopje, Macedonia. The company has 70 employees, and each one is trained and educated to provide the best quality service.

The company’s principal activity is providing products and services in various Duty Free markets throughout the world. The main operations take place in the Balkans, where the company operates military Duty Free Shops (PX Shops), restaurants and is involved in Diplomatic Duty Free Supply. Since its foundation, the company grew both in terms of subsidiaries and turnover. The mission and dedication to always deliver the best products and services at the best prices made Universi highly competitive in this market.