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Resting on the strong retail experience within International organizations, the Macedonian and the German partners established the venture in 2005 with even a stronger dedication for significant regional expansion on the basis of the already existing retail business experience. Building upon the company financial stability was done with enthusiasm and strong knowhow. The management started expanding its PX network by opening its first PX shop in the headquarters of NATO in North Macedonia in 2005. Soon after in 2006 the company opened its second PX shop, this time in the headquarters of NATO in Kosovo, Camp Film City. In 2008 the company has opened 3 additional PX shops in Kosovo, one in Prizren-Camp Sultan Murat, another one in Pec-Camp Villaggio Italia and another one in Leposavic- Camp Nothing Hill. In 2009 the company opened another PX shop in Kosovo, this time in Camp VJ Kaserne in Prizren, while in 2017 the company opened an additional PX shop located in Kosovo in Camp Novo Selo.

The several PX shops that our company operates differ in size and therefore in product assortment. All of them are located in NATO bases and considering the high norms imposed by NATO; fulfillment of strictest standards has become our every day practice. All our facilities have implemented and therefore work according to the HAACP, ISO 9001:20015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards and practices. The same applies for the retail space where products are presented and displayed in the most professional manner and according to the instructions issued by the producer / supplier. All the necessary equipment needed for proper displaying of the entire pallet of products offered for sale at our premises is in possession of our company.The company operates a central warehouse facility in Kosovo, from where the whole administrative and physical work related to loading and unloading, registering products and distribution is done. In all the camps around Kosovo where our company operates retail PX business, the competition is very aggressive; however during all these years of operation we have managed not only to survive but rather to impose ourselves as one of the leaders in the PX retail market in Kosovo. During those 17 years of operation in Kosovo in the field of PX duty free sales, we have managed to cover most of the PX market in Kosovo.

In general our product assortment is adapted to the needs of each military camp. However the assortment compromising of all PX stores we operates consists of: tobacco products, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, pre packed food, toiletry items, perfumes, jewelry, watches, toys, consumer electronic products, sport and casual textile and equipment, nutrition supplements and military textile and equipment. From each of the above mentioned product categories, all the well known brands are offered for sales. Our biggest strength is the constant stock consistency as well as product availability. We regularly follow the world trends; therefore our assortment is always up to date with different industries’ developments. We mainly use foreign distributors, however in any foreign country we operates we always manage to establish solid cooperation with local distributors as well.

All our PX shops are managed by trained staff that perfectly behaves towards our clientele and know all features of our product assortment. They have perfect knowledge of the different institution’s SOP requirements.